Can you believe that the legal sale of medical marijuana in Los Angeles has hurt the marijuana sales of Mexican narco-terrorists? With American-made legal marijuana on the streets, these terrorists are having to cut costs and are growing marijuana in our state and federal parks.

Since 2004, there have been more than 200 American citizens who were executed or murdered in Mexico by narco-terrorists. These victims weren’t in the drug business, but were innocent Americans on vacation. More Americans die at the hands of narco-terrorists than peaceful Israelis from Hamas or al-Qaida, yet we refuse to take action. Last year, an untold number of Americans died at the hands of these terrorists, yet our news outlets don’t report it. U.S. drug czar John Walters said in October 2008, “They come across kidnap, murder and carry out assassinations. These groups do not respect the border.”

According to a 2008 Justice Department threat assessment, “Mexican drug trafficking organizations represent the greatest organized crime threat to the United States.”

There are reportedly more than 60 killers from Los Angeles County alone who officials believe have fled justice to the terrorist safe haven of Mexico. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mexican narco-terrorists control 17 out of 31 States today. Using the same methods as Hamas in Gaza, these terrorists have taken over the Mexican government, courts, police and neighborhoods. Like Hamas, Mexican terrorists use the illegal smuggling for power and money. Our police now fear these terrorists, and are having to wear masks to hide their identity in the same manner as the police in Mexico and Gaza.

When we look at our peace loving friends and allies in Israel, 59 Israeli civilians have died from terrorist attacks since 2005, according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In response to those 59 deaths, Israel unleashed one of the greatest military forces on the planet to protect their people from these thugs. American lives shouldn’t be any less valuable than Israeli lives. Like the Israelis in Gaza, F16’s should be flying over Mexico, and U.S. troops should be on the ground and at the border. We must stop the Mexican terrorists from killing Americans on our streets today! Both the Mexican people and their government must learn not to collude, harbor, protect and support terrorists that kill innocent Americans.

How many non-military Americans have been killed by the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Yet, Mexican narco-terrorists are killing Americans and getting away with these murders. Hard working Mexicans flee to our country for better jobs and the safety of our borders. Yet we allow the thugs and terrorist to continue to run Mexico. We’ve sent the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to setup ground-penetrating radar to Israel in order to find tunnels under their border, yet our border gets no such treatment. Some suspect our elected officials are now taking bribes from these terrorists.

Mexico is on our border and we must do something to help our neighbor and friend. They’re no longer able to help themselves. More than 14,000 non-soldiers have been killed in the last three years under President Felipe Calderon. General Felipe de Jesús Espitia, the comandante of the 5th Military District, has just taken over the state of Chihuahua due to the extensive corruption, but people don’t know which side he’s on. Gen. Barry McCaffrey (the drug czar in the Clinton administration) in a recent report said, “Mexico is not confronting dangerous criminality, it is fighting for survival against narco-terrorism.” He goes on to say, “Squad-sized units of the police and Army have been tortured, murdered and their decapitated bodies publicly left on display.” Many political figures are now warning us that if these terrorists are not contained, Mexico could become a failed state and the U.S. could find itself with an Afghanistan or a Somalia on its own southern border.

If oil is a reason for war, Mexico sends us 985,000 barrels of oil a day. That makes it our third largest supplier, right after Saudi Arabia and Canada. The second largest business in Mexico is the drug trade, and these terrorists are now running the show. Mexico is turning into Somalia right in front of our eyes, and yet we do nothing about it. With all of the weapons we shipped to South and Central America to fight communism, the Mexican terrorists are as well armed as the Mexican Army.

When do we start helping our friends and next-door neighbors instead of flying to the other side of the world to protect freedom? Mexico’s in trouble and we cannot wait until the country collapses. We must restore Democracy, and give Mexicans safe and free elections. We must continue our fight against terrorism by purchasing legal marijuana. Mexico needs boots on the streets and planes in the air. How many more Americans and brave police officers like Deputy David March must die before we take action?

David Alsabery is a high performance driving instructor and all around nice guy. He can be reached at

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