SMC — Ruth Seymour, the longtime general manager of public radio station KCRW-FM (89.9), announced Wednesday she is retiring at the end of February after more than three decades on the job.

Seymour, who joined the station as a consultant in 1977, said she is “leaving a station that is strong in its identity, a station like no other in the country.”

“It’s been an extraordinary privilege to serve as KCRW’s general manager — a joy and source of great pride,” she added. “That’s a pretty good note on which to say goodbye.”

Seymour, who could be heard during pledge drives and on the program “The Politics of Culture,” has overseen the transformation of a station originally located in a middle school playground, with the oldest transmitter west of the Mississippi. Today KCRW’s 13 transmitters deliver its broadcast service to much of Southern California.

Santa Monica College, which holds the station’s license, expects to take several months to find a successor.

Online, the station has one of the largest audiences of any American radio station, providing three discreet program streams 24/7 at KCRW’s 26 podcasts are downloaded 1.2 million times monthly.

Seymour also serves as the station’s program director. KCRW is recognized for its original award-winning programs in news, music and culture. The station’s schedule features its signature music show “Morning Become Eclectic” and its daily news-based broadcasts of “To the Point” and “Which Way, L.A.?”

KCRW produces more national programs than any other public radio station. Its six series are broadcast collectively by stations throughout the country, including New York, Washington, D.C and Seattle.

Seymour credits KCRW’s large and loyal subscriber base for enabling the station to engage in ambitious productions and important digital ventures.

“We have forged a strong bond with our listeners, one of trust and affection,” she said. “They have come through for us time and time again.”

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