I love my wife.

Pvt. Lisa Gregory-Breen of recruit Bravo Company 068-02 last week embarked on her first steps toward her career as a professional war fighter in the U.S. Army. She joins the other young women of Bravo Co. who represent a constitutional directive that boasts 1.96 million other service members and citizen soldiers who stand ready to do violence on behalf of our republic so the rest of us 303 million Americans may sleep peaceably at night.

Do the math folks. It’s a big responsibility with too few willing to hump that pack. It would be nice if Mr. Obama would recognize and act upon that. He’s looking like four more years of Donald Rumsfeld every day. Mr. Obama seems to pursue victory in his “War of Necessity” like a dog chasing a car. It seems that he wouldn’t know what to do with it if he actually caught it!

I get to say with a lot of pride that Pvt. Lisa Gregory-Breen joins my father, son, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, several uncles, cousins, my old Navy shipmates and myself as military kindred.

It’s obvious that the women of Bravo Co. 068-02 have a bigger set of gonads than most of the granola-eaters that swarm Whole Foods pimping petitions from Amnesty International about women’s rights. Lisa finds it incomprehensible that the fair weather feminists and their Beta-males of Code Pink can’t seem to wrap their collectivist panties around the idea that 11-year-old Afghani girls being married off to 50 year-old “moderate Talibani” men to cook, clean, sew and provide concupiscent comfort is more reprehensible than anything Glenn Beck says. My wife wants to stop Afghani women from having their ears and noses hacked off by jihadis for voting in whatever masquerades as an “election” these days in Afghanistan. She wants to stop the Taliban from sexually mutilating young girls because corrupted jihadi theology dictates that “Allah says so.”

Lisa wants Afghani women to enjoy the same rights that she enjoys. War’s not the answer, you say? Folks, if Democrats had won the Civil War, we’d still have slaves.

But President Half-Measures thinks he can negotiate with the “moderate Taliban.” He should check his big book from Narcissists Anonymous about the success of politically expedient “half-measures.” Is it an inconvenient truth that Mr. Obama has directed more taxpayer-funded vitriol at a cable news station than he has dedicated against the Taliban? Senior White House advisors Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett have spent more time castigating Fox News in the last 90 days than say anything that the terrorists might find offensive.

Lisa finds it offensive that Afghani women have taken to immolating themselves to escape abusive marriages to “moderate Talibani.” She signed a petition back in the 1990s for Afghani women’s rights when the Taliban took power after the Soviets left. She has now decided that instead of signing another politically impotent petition, she signed enlistment papers so she could open up a king size Tennessee-flavored can o’ whoopass on the enemies of humanity on the far side of the world.

The month of October was the worst month for casualties in Obama’s “War of Necessity” than in the previous eight years. It’s still “all Bush’s fault?” Remind me again who’s allegedly leading the charge of the Rainbow and Unicorn Light Brigade over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How many more group therapy sessions is the Captain Candypants going to hold out on the golf course until his “Goldilocks” foreign policy of “not too hot, not too cold, but just right” manifests as an actual decision?

Just before my wife left for boot camp she told me, “I’m a little nervous, bunny. So you better not dump me while I’m gone because if you do, I’ll hunt you down and kill you because I’ll have learned how!” My wife doesn’t believe in divorce, she believes in murder. She really meant that part in our marriage vows about, “… until death do us part.” That’s commitment, folks.

So let me reiterate: I love my wife! And I love her cooking, too!

My wife is excruciatingly intelligent (she did marry me after all, heh), and while she is committed to victory as the commander-in-chief is not, she enters her military service with some trepidation but anybody who has served in the Armed Forces understands and shares that with her. Welcome to the club, honey! There are 24.7 million veterans in the U.S. of which 1.7 million are women. To my wife and to the other of women of recruit Company Bravo, we got your back and give you all a rousing, “Hooah!”

And a big “thank you” to their drill sergeants. Teach ‘em right. Help bring ‘em home safe when the job is done.

Steve Breen salutes his brothers and sisters in arms this coming Veteran’s Day and is still “the best looking mailman in the U.S. Post Office.” He can be reached at dulcamarax@yahoo.com.

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