MID-CITY — Lives can be saved or lost in a matter of seconds.

Often times, in an attempt to make the most appropriate medical decisions during emergency situations, paramedics can spend those critical seconds and minutes gathering unknown medical information.

However, MyRapidMD seeks to save both time and potentially more lives by revolutionizing emergency medical care. MyRapidMD, a developer of Meaningful Personal Mobile Content (MPMC) for cellular phones, has created the Emergency Service Profile (ESP). This new application transforms a person’s cellular phone into a personal medical record, containing vital medical histories and emergency contacts. Fire departments, EMTs, police officers, or other first responders will now have the opportunity to have quick and easy access to vital medical information at the scene of an emergency.

To bring more public awareness about this new potential life-saving application, MyRapidMD has now partnered with the American Red Cross of Santa Monica.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the American Red Cross and look forward to strengthening and building upon this relationship as our business grows,” said Mark White, founder and president of MyRapidMD. “We too saw this as a natural fit for our company and the opportunity to get involved and help one of the globe’s most giving organizations was as obvious to us as it was to the Red Cross.”

In addition, this new partnership will also help the Santa Monica chapter of the American Red Cross raise money for their many disaster relief programs.

Using a special promotional code, ARCSM, not only will the people who sign-up receive a 20-percent discount, but the Santa Monica chapter will also receive a donation equivalent to 20 percent of the price of the application.

The ESP application installation price is $30, which includes a year of service. After the first year, a $9.95 annual service fee will then be charged.

The American Red Cross of Santa Monica feels that this new cellular phone application is invaluable, and will be incorporating it into their various emergency preparedness training programs.

“Emergency preparedness is our business and the more people that put MyRapidMD’s ESP application on their (phone,) the better prepared we will all be,” said John Pacheco, executive director of the American Red Cross of Santa Monica.

To sign up for MyRapidMD’s ESP application, go to: www.myrapidmd.com.


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