This past week, Q-line asked:

Downtown restaurant owners are concerned about the impact the food truck craze has had on their bottom lines, complaining that the operators of these trucks do not have to play by the same rules or pay the same taxes and fees, therefore creating an uneven playing field.

Are you a fan of the food truck craze and do you think their presence hurts local restaurants and delis?

Here are your responses:

“I think the food truck craze is nuts and very unfair to the established restaurants and delis. Which hair brain on the City Council thought this was a good idea? Probably all the collective hair brains.”

“One or two food trucks in our town don’t matter, but with the recession, they could multiply and become a messy food bite. Food trucks need to be regulated and zoned just as any restaurant. The city could charge a very high license fee to limit the proliferation of food vendors and also limit the zoning of where they could park. For example, charge $2,000 a month city license fee and make them park at least 200 feet from any existing restaurant. Our city could use the extra money any way since our council throws away our tax money on the most frivolous projects and parties for them and their Santa Monicans For Renters’ Rights cronies.”

“Food trucks are a magnificent convenience for construction workers, especially in remote areas due to not being practical for those wearing hard hats and construction tools hanging from their belts after slaving at a construction site all morning to nearly have to undress to make themselves presentable for a restaurant or deli setting. Keep in mind that coffee trucks have been vending to major corporations and factories for more than 70 years. The food on these trucks is quite good, still I do believe these food vending trucks should be required to have a business license and inspected on a regular basis for cleanliness and have to display a rating card indicating an A, B, or C rating just to keep folks on their toes.”

“Yes, I’m all for having these caravans or trucks that sell different things. … So, I think it’s a great idea.”

“Well, if a lot of restaurants in Santa Monica weren’t so expensive, people wouldn’t be eating at the food trucks.”

“Competition is always good for people who are dependent upon eating out, let’s say five days a week when they’re working. We get bored with the same food. Perhaps this competition will cause restaurants to be a little more creative and add new things to their menu and keep their prices fair. … I like the variety, and you know what, just like the restaurants, if the trucks don’t serve something wonderful and change and offer variety, this craze is going to slow down after some time.”

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