Many Halloween costumes are convenient enough to have room for shoes to fit underneath the costume, keeping the impeccable design of the costume untarnished. For those other costumes, homemade or handed down, think outside the shoe. Finding colored cloth to match the costume to put over the shoe is an easy out, proving to be cheap and simple.

For the princesses of the trick-or-treaters, this can prove to be a little harder. To fix up the comfortable walking shoe, stick on some jewels, ribbons, or bows on the cloth placed over the shoe. This cloth on the shoe can also be used as a safety device for your little goblin. Along with decorations on the cloth you can also glue, stick, or place on some reflective strips to keep your child safe while walking on the dark roads. The little ones, with the right shoe, will increase their happiness, stamina, and candy collection.

Not only do children need good shoes, taking care of your own feet will help you keep up with your little pumpkin and increase your patience.

A lot of walking can wear out your little ones so make sure to take breaks and refuel with water, or your favorite sports drink. The costumes and the weather, depending on the temperature, can cause exhaustion and profuse sweating, so keep cool. Another tip would be to bring along a wagon. The wagon can serve as a beverage, candy, costume, and child holder — and can even be a comfy stool to sit on when your child runs up to the next house as you wait on the sidewalk.

Some good shoes for walking would be Asics, New balance, Nike Air or Adidas. But, to find your perfect shoe a great Web site to visit would be They have tons of information on every shoe for every type of foot.

Another concern parents have on Halloween is the amount of candy inhaled by their children. One fun size candy bar can be burned off by walking approximately 0.8 miles or 2,000 steps (for a person who weighs about 140 pounds). A full size candy bar can be burned off by walking 2.75 miles, or 5,500 steps. This seems to be a little overwhelming when thinking about the number of candy bars devoured by your tiny lion, but your nerves can be calmed by planning the length of your route before starting your spooky adventure. Also, keep in mind during your Halloween stroll it’s important to stay in areas you are familiar with. This planning will enable a more enjoyable experience for both you and your children during your spooky saunter.

On your Halloween journey you are sure to encounter more than one Power Ranger, Batman, Catwoman, vampire or ghost. Having a unique addition to your child’s costume will give you the easy opportunity to find your child amidst a crowd. Some ideas would be a glow in the dark necklace, a neon wristband, or a unique pair of socks.

It would also be wise to keep a cell phone handy. Make sure emergency numbers are programmed into the phone for easy access.

Halloween is a fantastic day to celebrate with family. There is always a sense of magic and awe which can bring a family together to join in the spirit of Hallows eve. Be sure to take care of your feet, plan your walk, stay hydrated, be safe, and remember that the journey is the destination.

Article written by Jacob Shideler, LaCette Tirado and Karen Jashinsky.

Jacob is a senior music major at Pepperdine University. lacette is a sophomore communications major at Santa Monica College who both enjoy interning at O2 MAX, a youth fitness media company with a training studio based in Santa Monica. For more information about programs contact (310) 867 1750 or e-mail

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