This past week, Q-line asked:

Despite assurances from health professionals that the FDA approved H1N1 flu vaccine is safe, just like the regular flu vaccine, some in the community are worried about getting vaccinated. Where do you stand? Will you get the vaccine or play the odds?

Here are your responses:

“No, I will not get the vaccine and just take my chances. I did get my annual flu shot from my doctor and that’s it. Enough is enough of these shots.”

“I would not trust health professionals nor the FDA. When one considers the horrible side effects of most medications, even death, approved by the FDA and proscribed by medical professionals would certainly give cause for patients to use caution in the use of prescribed drugs. Medical professionals are not in the business of giving free advice and any advice given will sooner or later have a fee attached to it. The flu shot business has been a boon to the medical nursing industry. By the most part, medical nurses give the shot whether it is given in a hospital, doctor’s office, drug store or supermarket. The flu shot is only another form of the medical business and should have disclaimers attached to it.”

“After hearing a bunch of different opinions I definitely would like to have the swine flu vaccination, because I saw a doctor this morning that said ‘Yo,’ so I say ‘Yo’ too!”

“Well I don’t really care about the flu shots. I never get the flu anyway. But if I do get it, I hope it’s on my work day instead of on my day off. I don’t want to ruin my day off.”

“The FDA has long ago been bought and sold by the pharmaceutical companies. When the polio vaccine first came out, there had been no new cases of polio in the USA for quite some time, but after it was first used, there was a sudden epidemic, all from people who had just gotten the vaccine. Wake up, world. There is no money in making and keeping people well. The money is in keeping people sick and addicted to legal drugs and repeated doctor’s visits. Pharbon, the giant of the old pharmaceutical companies, once said that the way to rule the world is not by war, but through controlling people’s medical health. The only way to control this horrific problem is to prevent the pharmaceutical companies from giving large amounts of money to medical schools and the AMA.”

“Gosh, I guess I’m scared now by the government boogie man, which is exactly what Big Brother wants. How many deaths have incurred in the Southern Hemisphere, which has just had its winter flu season? How many of Obama’s, Biden’s, Pelosi’s and Reid’s families have had the swine flu shots? Government intrusion into your life is incremental. Why give up the few freedoms you have left? Swine flu is no worse than any other flu, it’s just the government telling you that it is. Do you trust your government? Look in history and see the rot that absolute power has wrought. Government corrodes the will of the citizen by fear and complacency. The individual leads a life of correct caution and exception of his own karma.”

“No way, I’m not going to poison my body. Getting the vaccine is a greater risk than not getting the vaccine.”

“I do not get flu shots. It’s been many years since I got one. I do not trust the government to give us a flu shot that’s not giving us the flu. If I get a flu shot, I’m guaranteed I’m going to get the flu. If I don’t get the flu shot, at least I feel I have a 50/50 chance. I’ve done my research on the swine flu, and it shows that the government itself — our government, with our tax dollars — has developed the swine flu and is now pushing a vaccine against it because it ‘got out of their control.’ That is my take on it, I could be wrong, but I am deciding on my side, rather than trusting our government to tell the truth. You know, they haven’t told it in Vietnam, they haven’t told it in Korea, they haven’t told it in the Middle East, and they will continue not to tell the truth on a lot of things including the EPA and other issues.”

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