Two-legged pup Scooby-Roo is in need of help. (photo by Kim Rodgers, Bark Pet Photography)

EASTSIDE — Kids of the King of Pop are making the paparazzi work for them for a change.

According to reports, Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince and daughter Paris saw a news report about a two-legged dog in need of help and are taking up the cause, helping to raise the $2,000 necessary to buy the pooch a custom-made cart to help it walk.

The pup, a 6-month-old named Scooby-Roo, was found underneath a wrecked car in a gang-ridden neighborhood by Santa Monica-based Fuzzy Rescue.

Scooby-Roo will also need therapy and be fitted into multiple carts at different stages of his life, according to the rescue organization’s Web site. The dog was found with scrapes and wounds to his chest. He was most likely born without his front two legs, which is why he was abandoned, according to the Web site.

“We are humbled by the support and donations … we have been getting from animal lovers all over the world, including Paris and Prince Jackson …,” said Sheila Choi, executive director of Fuzzy Rescue on 26th Street.

“Scooby-Roo still has a long way to go with rehabilitation and physical therapy so every little help will benefit this special dog,” Choi added. “If there is an excess in donations, we will be able to save hundreds to thousands of dogs and cats that need financial assistance, most importantly, spaying and neutering. Together with Scooby-Roo we sincerely hope to spread the message out there on the plight of these helpless animals.”

Choi said Scooby-Roo was the result of backyard breeding, which results in many animals living a life behind bars at animal shelters awaiting their fates because there are not enough homes available. She emphasized the need to have pets spayed or neutered to help with the pet overpopulation problem.

Not only does Scooby-Roo have to live life without his two front legs, the pooch has a hindfoot that is twisted, most likely from being left on the streets alone at a young age.

Those interested in helping Scooby-Roo can contact Fuzzy Rescue at

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