“Yes, absolutely. Declawing should be made illegal. It is an inhumane practice and can have many horrible side effects. Also, if a cat is let outside accidentally or deliberately, it is totally defenseless against any predator or attacker.”

“Yes, I think declawing should be made illegal. The answer to why: you go have your toenails and fingernails pulled out, and you’ll have your answer why.”

“I believe it should be illegal to declaw a kitty cat simply because it is cruel. It should be noted that a cat’s claws are its main form of defense and a great aid in covering up kitty cat poop in the littler box. Still, I might make an exception and allow the kitty cat to be declawed if the kitty cat’s owner is willing to have their own fingers and toenails removed. However, I do subscribe to having a kitty cat’s nails clipped for kitty cat’s good.”

“Cat declawing is cruel and any owner or veterinarian that does it should have their fingernails yanked out with a pair of pliers.”

“Yes, I owned a beautiful declawed cat from a former tenant that moved to Venice. And my little cat was adorable, she looked like a Beatrix Potter kitty. So I really don’t know, but I guess I trust the veterinarian.”

“We should not be declawing cats at all, so I completely support a declaw ban. I think it’s cruel for the cats. I am a Santa Monica resident and a full blown supporter of this declaw ban issue.”

“I believe that declawing cats should be banned. Declawing cats is an antiquated process that has already been banned throughout most of the developed world. Declawing cats is inhumane and unnecessary. It involves surgically amputating part of the animal’s foot and that can lead to a lot of pain and suffering for the cat as well as behavioral problems. Some cats begin to bite humans once they’ve been declawed because they’ve lost their natural defense. Placing a cat into a home from a shelter or pound is more difficult once the animal’s been declawed, because that animal must always be kept inside. It is possible to train cats to use scratching posts. That’s a way for them to sharpen their claws appropriately. There are always ways to have these domesticated animals live with us without resorting to such archaic and cruel surgeries.”

“I’m a veterinarian in Santa Monica, and I would like to submit my opinion to support the ban on declawing cats. The procedure is completely unnecessary and very inhumane. I’ve seen cats who’ve suffered from this procedure, which is actually an amputation of the digits, and some of the problems that result from this procedure include increased biting behavior, litter box avoidance, phantom pain and lingering pain in the digits from improperly performed procedures. So I would strongly urge the City Council to approve a ban.”

“All operations are dangerous because of the threat of infections and heart failure, especially in older animals. There is also psychological damage. What is even more obscene than declawing is the fact that our state just passed a mandatory neutering law for dogs and cats. This bill was sneaked in without any press coverage from TV or the newspaper, otherwise there would have been major opposition. Big Brother now has the right to demand your pets dingleberries, and maybe soon they will sneak in a bill to neuter newspaper reporters they don’t like. What we need is a bill to neuter all politicians.”

“Yes, I think that declawing should be banned. Besides the excruciating pain that it causes cats, it leaves cats without their defense — their claws — leaving them vulnerable to other cats and animals.”

“I think declawing should be made illegal in Santa Monica. It should be made illegal everywhere for that matter. It’s inhumane and it’s cruel and anyone that really loves cats wouldn’t do it. Obviously since they’re making up to $1,000 with each procedure, they’re more concerned about the money than the health of the cat.”

“Declawing is one of the most horrendous, inhumane and debilitating procedures and should not be performed on our precious cats. Humane alternatives exist. The City Council should do the right thing and unanimously vote to ban this veterinary practice.”

“The practice of declawing cats is cruel and inhumane and should be banned. Please ban this cruel practice.”

“I am calling to see if I can give my support for banning the declawing of cats in the Santa Monica area. I believe there are more humane ways for taking care of the situation.”

“I would like to protest any declawing of any cats. I think it’s the most inhumane thing I have ever witnessed. I knew a cat once that had been declawed and as it got older it couldn’t even walk. I am very, very, very much against it, and thank you so much for bringing this to everyone’s attention. No more declawing.”

“I just want to add my thoughts and feelings on the injustice that happens when we do this to our animals. Something to think about is they’re teachable animals. When child that bites its fingernails, you wouldn’t amputate its fingers to stop it from biting. You would work with it and teach it to have different behavior as you can do with a pet. And it’s an obligation once you’re a pet owner to take care of a pet, not mutilate it.”

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