The Santa Monica Daily Press is glad that the City Council did not listen to the NIMBYs and naysayers when it endorsed the Los Angeles Marathon route passing through Santa Monica.

While there is no denying that the marathon will inconvenience some because of street closures, and most likely force officers to work overtime to provide security, the amount of money, excitement and goodwill is well worth the cost of production. That is assuming the marathon’s owner, the Dodgers’ Frank McCourt, isn’t kicking in some funds. Marathon donors in the past have helped cover the LAPD’s costs.

While the exact route has not been finalized, it will most likely head down San Vicente Boulevard to Ocean Avenue and finish in Venice, just outside the city limits. There are rumors of a party planned at one of the city’s beach lots. This means runners and their families, friends and supporters will most likely book hotel rooms in this city by the sea, raising tax revenues for City Hall. People will need to eat and drink, meaning more money for local businesses, and again more tax revenue.

And let’s not forget that the marathon is a bonding experience. Thousands line the route to cheer on loved ones and strangers. The marathon is inspiring, helping people get back in shape and kick unhealthy habits like smoking or munching on chili cheeseburgers with bacon. It fits with Santa Monica’s reputation for being a physically fit city that encourages healthy lifestyles.

To those who are opposed, we suggest you sleep in that Sunday.

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