This past week, Q-line asked:

A recent Daily Press article discovered that a growing number of engaged couples have decided to go green for their wedding. Is going green on your wedding day worth the trouble — and money?

Here are your responses:

“As they say ‘to each his own,’ and whatever works for you. I personally would not go to the expense or trouble of going green. It doesn’t fit my personality or lifestyle anyway. Too restricting. And anyway, I don’t like the color green.”

“Going green for a wedding wouldn’t be a problem if I was a Martian.”

“Green is keen. I admire any person or entity that is dedicated to improving the world’s environment. Still, becoming green will render down to the engineers who will endeavor to design and manufacture green products. Until that happens, green is only a dream. So, let’s all start thinking green — our atmosphere depends on it.”

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