Gadget: Solar Hybrid Light.

The Solar Hybrid Flashlight is likely the best flashlight out there for the sole reason that it is solar powered. Usually, by the time I need a flashlight, the batteries inside are dead. Sure, you can just pop some new ones in or use rechargeable, but how is that sustainable?

This product has a built-in solar panel that it uses to rejuice. The amazing thing is that it even charges on cloudy days and indoors. It also has a backup battery reserve just in case you run out of all that stored solar energy. The packaging claims that the flashlight will hold a charge for 10 years and gives you 10 hours of light.

Out of the packaging, mine only lasted for six hours. Not too bad. A photograph on the packaging shows this product in a dog’s mouth, so I set up a little torture test for it myself. I rolled this thing down a hill, threw it in a pool and dropped it from my bike. It still works. The Solar Hybrid Light has found permanent residence on my kitchen windowsill.


Charges on a sunny day, yay! Charges on a cloudy day, yay! Waterproof and durable.


No complete charge indicator. Uses lithium batteries for reserve energy which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re not price savvy, these small batteries end up costing you a fortune.


Not too long ago I realized that the most disposable items on this planet are made of plastic, arguably one of the most durable materials ever made. The Solar Hybrid at first glance feels like any other plastic flashlight but what sets it apart is its built-in solar charger. It charges itself in almost any condition and holds its charge for 10 years. Let’s see your sexy aluminum Mag Light do that.

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