eBay guru Greg Kusch and his mother Eileen are encouraging their friends and associates to follow in their charitable footsteps — donating $100,000 worth of brand name hoodie sweatshirts to the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club.

“I spent a good portion of my childhood at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, known as the Boy’s Club back then,” Kusch said. “To this day, the sports and recreational activities I participated in at that time helps drive my competitive nature and will to succeed.”

Kusch is known nationally as an eBay guru, and is among just 23 people in the United States to be a business consultant trained and certified by eBay, having attended the eBay sanctioned university.

An instructor and author, Kusch was recently diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer. Throughout his treatment of the disease, Kusch wants to inspire the people around him to step up their philanthropic efforts and activities.

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