BROAD STAGE — In a world where the music is big, the action is intense and audiences crowd movie houses lives Yoav Goren.

Silly movie references aside, Goren is the man behind the soundtracks of movie trailers. Not the music in the movie itself, but the compositions that can be heard in the background of thousands of movie trailers. Most don’t realize that movie studios covet Goren’s work to make trailers all the more compelling. Whether it’s whimsical music paired with kid movies or dark tones for thrillers, Goren has done it all, scoring trailers for blockbusters such as “Spider-Man,” “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings.”

Unsatisfied by limiting this emerging genre to trailers, Goren decided to make the leap from the silver screen to the stage Saturday. His production, “Trailer Music Live,” incorporates over 100 performers including an orchestra, choir and even a rock band all in the hopes that this music has the ability to connect with a live crowd at The Broad Stage.

“The concert is just another extension of maximizing this type of music,” Goren said. “This is an attempt to bring this nascent art form to the masses.”

Goren and his partner, Jeffery Fayman, began scoring movie trailers 17 years ago when they founded Immediate Music. Realizing that nobody was specializing in scoring movie trailers, the two quickly made their way up the industry ladder becoming the go-to outfit for movie studios looking to give trailers a little something extra.

Before Immediate Music came into existence, film editors were at a loss to score theatrical trailers. Goren said that editors would often have to borrow from the scores of other films to complete promos. It was in this space that Goren realized that he and his partner were onto something potentially big.

Some 17 years and thousands of trailers later and Goren had a body of work that he wasn’t sure what to do with. Faced with a growing catalog, Goren decided to assemble an album of this work, “Trailerhead.” He soon realized that this material could work on the stage before a live audience.

He and his family of musical cohorts developed the first incarnation of Trailer Music Live and debuted it last year in London.

“This event was received with such enthusiasm in London last year, that we felt compelled to bring it to the United States,” Goren said. “‘Trailer Music Live’ is an epic concert event featuring a large orchestra, choir and rock band performing familiar movie music which has never before been heard in a live setting. This event will appeal to movie fans of all ages, as we bring our epic trailer music directly from the movie screen to the live stage.”

Performing as part of the production are The Angeles Chorale, recording artists Immediate and rock band Globus. As an added unexpected bonus, Goren has enlisted Todd Waetzig of the Blue Man Group to be the featured percussionist.

John Sutton, who will lead the orchestra, is looking forward to taking part in what he called a unique production.

“It is orchestral and rock ‘n’ roll at its soul at times,” Sutton said. “This is a powerful sound that you cannot sit still through.”

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