With many schools across the state being forced to cancel summer school, parents are scrambling to identify other options. Saint Anne School hopes it can fill the gaps.

The private Catholic school on Colorado Avenue is offering a two-week session of summer music camp. Saint Anne’s Summer Music Campapalooza 2009 offers music instruction, composition and performance opportunities in guitar, recorder, percussion, voice, and includes group jam sessions, Guitar Hero and a Saint Anne Idol competition. The summer session is open to all children entering grades K-8.

The program is an example of the availability of summer programs at Catholic schools as announced on June 8 by Cardinal Roger Mahoney and the Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, making summer session opportunities available to working families who depend on summer school opportunities as a part of their education and child care plan for their children during the summer.

Fees for the program are $310 for the two-week full day session (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.), with half-day sessions available at a fee of $185. For more information, call (323) 936-4987 or (609) 9411-5285.

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