This past week, Q-line asked:

A recent Daily Press article revealed that gaining a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate could be a costly process, which is off-putting for some developers who want their projects to be “green.” Do you think that the money is well spent on LEED certification or do you believe that the benefit is not worth the cost?

Here are your responses:

“In these very difficult financial times, it is definitely not worth the money — especially in this utopian setting of Santa Monica. The city is going to hell around our ears. Talk of “green” is in the extreme here, while the city is dirtier, noisier, bum-ridden, too crowded, over-built. How does that equate with their grandiose ideas? Why, then, are so many good, long-term, long-time citizens leaving this paradise on Earth? Hmm?”

“Regardless of the color of the development or the cost of LEED certification, it is my opinion that Santa Monica has had more than its share of new development. Also, in my opinion, green is just a dream as long as those major pollutants such as motorized vehicle exhaust fumes and common area sewage continue polluting both the atmosphere and our oceans. For whatever color they represent, I do agree to windmill and solar power.”

“If politicians are involved in this certificate thing, it’s probably not going to be worth it. But any business doing anything like that should just consider how much it costs, and what will they get if they meet the requirements. Do they get big tax benefits? Maybe it might be worth it. That’s not including, of course, what they would save by going green anyway.”

“LEEDs and all this other

eco-bandwagon is just tilting a windmill. You reduce the carbon footprint by 10 percent, and you increase population by 10 percent, you haven’t gained a thing. Without population control, whatever your cause is a lost cause.”

“Look, it’s always great to do the best in regards to the environment by leaving a smaller vestige of your incorrect energy. LEED may be an environmentally heroic idea, but what does it cost, and what does it really do with its tiny effect? The real cause is with our now noble government and especially our all-knowing city government. The once-voluntary compliance will soon be mandatory obedience to European socialist thought. LEED and green power could be just another power grab by progressive elitists.”

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