This past week, Q-line asked:

With Earth Day taking place this week, this is a great time to look at the world around you and consider making changes to help the environment. What is the most important step individuals can take to save the planet?

Here are your responses:

“Now that’s a tall order. One

person’s caring about the environment can help. Maybe the careless, clueless individuals will observe and get the message. Littering is a biggie. Especially dog and human waste that washes by the storm drains into our already badly-polluted oceans. Think about the filth and dirt you as an individual generate. It’s a start.”

“Stop dropping litters of spawn with no more thought of consequence than cats, rats and dogs. Spay and neuter those with an excess need to breed. Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause without population control.”

“We could stop by helping the polluted ocean a bit. Get rid of the human garbage dumps walking or pedaling around Santa Monica and the pee and poop and vomit and other filth they generate which winds up in the ocean, among other places.”

“Since there’s too many people in the world, overpopulation is a big problem. The best thing any individual can do is to die and kill somebody else before they do so.”

“I do what I can to save the

environment. I like to use non-plastic bags, so that we don’t have a bunch of garbage on our beautiful ocean floor. So I’m just one person, but one person can do a lot of good, I do believe.”

“Two things would help. The first thing would be for men who have reached 30 years of age all over the world to be required to have a vasectomy, and women a tubular ligation. Both medical procedures are reversible. Most families are started before the age of 30. Still, this would help cut down on overpopulation. Also, motorists should cut down on automobile joyriding. Automobiles are large, environmental polluters. Church, state and business would never agree with my comment, but still, it is something to ponder.”

“Individuals should speak out, demonstrate, protest when the city officials speak about caring for the environment but then act to harm it, as they did by cutting down mature ficus trees in our Downtown area for purely design reasons. And then screwing unattractive lights into the trunks, harming the trees that were left.”

“Support building water distilleries as suggested years ago.”

“The Bible states that 6,000 years ago there were only two people in the world. Now there are over six billion. The sooner less corrective steps are taken, we will be standing on each other’s heads.”

“Not listening to Al Gore or Mark Gold or ‘the sky is falling’ money-making charlatans that infest our country. The best step in saving the planet is not to breed. Indiscriminate breeding or baby-making religious stupidity will destroy this planet. What is more harmful to the Earth than six million stupid people?”

“Give up greed.”

“It’s a well-known, scientific fact that global warming comes from all of the hot air from our City Council. Their crazy traffic-calming tactics have slowed every street with one-lane roads, speed bumps, and irregular roads so that we use more gas and spew more smog. They have encouraged the demolition of our old, beautiful homes and small businesses for overdevelopment of huge, ugly condos and expensive businesses. Small apartment owners have been driven out of business and have been replaced with huge corporations. The massive tourist business has brought big bucks to developers but has left our town filthy, noisy and polluted. The only solution to our environmental problems is to send our Santa Monica for Renters’ Rights City Council back to Cuba or Iran where people have more property rights than we do here in Commie-Monica.”

“People need to change their mindset and realize the Earth has limitations. They need to slow down and make an effort to think practically. They need to understand that bigger is not synonymous with better. That is the most important step people should take.”

“Plant trees and more trees, make sure the city doesn’t cut down our valuable trees, make sure the city plants more and more trees.”

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