Q: Can I “junk” my own vehicle?

A: The definition of a “junked” vehicle is one which has been dismantled because it was wrecked, abandoned, or is a low valued vehicle that was impounded and acquired from an enforcement agency and is no longer operable. Individual vehicle owners who are not licensed as a dismantler can junk and/or dismantle their vehicle by presenting the vehicle documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The requirements are:

• The California Certificate of Title. The title must be endorsed for transfer of ownership if the vehicle is not registered in your name.

• The license plates on the vehicle.

• Fees are due if the vehicle record does not indicate the vehicle is currently registered or has a planned non-operation status.

For more information, visit www.dmv.ca.gov and click on Vehicle Registrations Checklists.

Q: My husband drives our family car during the day so I don’t have any transportation to visit a DMV field office during regular business hours. Is there any way I can download and print the Driver Medical Evaluation form for my elderly mother?

A: You can find the Driver Medical Evaluation form, along with any other DMV form you may need, by logging on to the DMV’s Web site at www.dmv.ca.gov and clicking on the Forms tab. Just print it out, fill it out completely and mail it to the address on the form.

Q: I recently found out I’m allergic to latex. I’m concerned because no one will have any way of knowing this if I’m hospitalized due to an accident. Does the DMV have some kind of form I can fill out and keep with me at all times?

A: The DMV actually offers medical cards, free of charge, that list your blood type, allergies, name of your physician, and other medical information. It can be carried along with your DL/ID card or put in your glove box. To request your free card, call (800) 777-0133.


George Valverde is the director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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