This past week, Q-line asked:

City Councilman Bobby Shriver has recently said he is mulling a run for state attorney general next year. Would you vote for Shriver as the state’s top cop?

Here are your responses:

“I doubt it. Bobby Shriver hasn’t even shown any great skills in the job he has now in the Santa Monica City Council.”

“No I would not vote for Robert Shriver, he has only gotten where he is because of his father, but he is nothing like his father.”

“Maybe it’s the company he keeps there on the City Council but he doesn’t show any promise to lead me to vote for him. For such a challenging and responsible office as the attorney general, too much of them have rubbed off on him.”

“I am aware that Bobby Shriver is a good person and am aware of the good work he is doing for military veterans who, for the most part, are getting the short end of the stick. Still, I would feel a wee bit concerned having a man from the wealthiest political family in the nation in that position. The problem I have is that the wealthiest folks in our nation are the ones shaking our nation down unmercifully. It would be Bobby’s job to jail these buggers. I would have the feeling that he would be under a lot of pressure.”

“Of course I would vote for Bobby Shriver if he choose to run for the attorney general of California. I’m an ex-landlord and I personally think he’s a breath of fresh air.”

“I would vote for Shriver as the state’s top cop. I do like him as a member of the City Council, he’s he best one. I’d hate to see him go.”

“I doubt very much that he’d be the best candidate. The best that any of these guys could hope to be is the least worst candidate.”

“Yes, I would vote for Bobby Shriver as the state’s attorney general. He’s the smartest man in Santa Monica.”

“I wouldn’t vote for Bobby Shriver for dog catcher or the school board. Come on, what does he have in common with the plain folk. He lives in a part of town with no buses, no jets, no traffic, no light rail, no bums, no low income housing, no architectural blight — all the things the rest of us are infected with.”

“Yes, I think that Mr. Shriver would help the homeless instead of criminalizing them.”

“Not likely unless Bobby Shriver is the candidate running against some moronic right wing Proposition 8 supporter.”

“Our city voted to make pot the lowest legal priority below a parking ticket. The state legalized medical pot, and now the FDA says it won’t raid pot dispensaries. He’ll get my vote if he’s in favor of legalization.”

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