‘Quantum of Solace’ Two-disc Special Edition

Daniel Craig returns in the high octane action of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. Probing deep into the criminal group known as Quantum, Bond works without the support of MI 6 in trying to track down those responsible for murdering the woman he loved. Bonus material: “Bond on Location,” “Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase,” on location shooting, and the film’s music. (MGM)


Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2008 Academy Awards, “Bolt” is a fun family picture featuring John Travolta’s voice for the title character, a television star dog that doesn’t realize his adventures are fictional. The two-disc version feature includes a segment taking fans from concept to completion with the show’s first-time directors. Also included are the design of the picture, a voice cast in session as well as a pair of music videos. (Disney)

‘Primal Fear’ Hard Evidence Edition

Richard Gere stars as arrogant, media-craving Chicago-based criminal defense attorney Martin Bail, accustomed to fabricating and selling the truth. When he learns of the gruesome murder of a Catholic archbishop, Bail immediately decides to defend the accused penniless altar boy (Edward Norton). Extended filmmaker commentary, a peak at casting and a segment entitled “The Psychology of Guilt” are included. (Paramount)

‘Jeff Beck: Performing This Week’ bluray

The legendary guitarist performs at an amazing level from a series of concerts at the renowned Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London’s Soho area. Spanning classic tracks from across his career, the disc includes Beck’s “Bolero,” “Where Were You” and a pair of tunes with Eric Clapton. Bonus features include interviews with Beck and his band mates as well as a seven track rockabilly set with the Big Town Playboys. (Eagle Rock)

‘Ricky Gervais: Out of England’

The British-born creator of “Extras” and two-time Emmy winner brings his distinctly understated humor and offbeat observations for an hour of mirth. His performance at the WaMu Theater in New York’s Madison Square Garden covers such topics as fame, Nazis, obesity and nursery rhymes. (HBO)

‘Evening Shade’ Season One

On DVD for the first time comes this popular ensemble comedy from the early 1990s starring Burt Reynolds. In an Emmy-winning role as Wood Newton, Reynolds is a former Pittsburgh Steeler who returns to his hometown in Arkansas to coach the local high school football team and raise a family. Marilu Henner, Charles Durning, Ossie Davis, and Hal Holbrook co-star. The five-disc set includes all 24 episodes. Reportedly the title and setting for the show were suggested by Hilary Rodham Clinton. (CBS/Paramount)

‘The Search for Mengele’

Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” was the most notorious SS doctor at Auschwitz. Sending thousands of Jews to their deaths, for 35 years he escaped justice becoming one of the world’s most wanted criminals. This documentary, co-written and narrated by prominent British TV host, David Frost, traces Mengele’s escape through Germany to Italy, then to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where he finally met his end. Featuring interviews with not only Mengele himself but also his son, historians, journalists, and members of the Israeli intelligence, the film presents Mengele’s life and crimes and the complicity of those who allowed him to escape justice. (First Run)

‘Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired’

The globally-renowned filmmaker of “Chinatown” and “The Pianist” is the subject of Marina Zenovich’s documentary. The focus is about his arrest in 1977, charged with furnishing a controlled substance to a minor and unlawful intercourse among other charges. Less than a year later he left the U.S. and never came back. Archival footage and interviews with key players, the program explores the tragedies that might have influenced Polanski’s behavior including his parents dying in a concentration camp and his pregnant wife’s murder by the Manson family. (Image)

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