MAIN STREET — To hear Santa Monica-based Michelle DeAngelis, author of “Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck,” tell you she once had a job that “sucked the life out of her” you’d never think it possible. DeAngelis is one of the most upbeat and good-natured folks around town.

The impetus for her book came from a combination of DeAngelis’ personal experience and her longtime work in corporate America. She saw so many miserable people who hated their jobs and who were just slogging through each day, and knew there had to be a way out.

“Your work can be meaningful and fun and contribute to your happiness, not detract from it,” DeAngelis said.

But notoriety didn’t come easy. Her first book proposal focused on “joy and its accessibility. I got rejected all over town,” DeAngelis said. Frustrated, she went to Cabo to unwind. While on the beach (pen and pad in hand) trying to think of a clever title a man approached and asked what her book was about. “I didn’t want to tell this guy it’s about ‘finding joy’ so I said, ‘it’s about getting a life that doesn’t suck.’” Thus the title was born and the publisher finally jumped.

The book’s gaining traction with folks in unexpected locales — a women’s correctional facility in the Midwest wants to make it part of their curriculum. DeAngelis attributes it to the invaluable coping skills the book provides. “There are 10 life changing actions that when be incorporated on a regular basis reduce the number of problems encountered.”

Platitudes and idiomatic expressions for living a happy life abound, but DeAngelis wanted to present a concrete system, based on cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation allowing people to practice and integrate these actions into their lives. “You choose your mood, you’re not stuck with it,” DeAngelis affirmed.

She got her start as a product manager in the banking business at a time when banks were deregulating and needed people who were good with understanding marketing customer behavior and service. This “fertile little Petri dish” helped form her ability to discern nuances as to why people like or dislike their jobs and subsequently inspired her to open her company, Michelle, Inc., which provides, real life solutions to real life problems. Today, corporations and individuals hire DeAngelis to train their employees on communication and non-verbal skills as well as team leadership initiatives.

This Thursday, March 19 at Clever on Main, DeAngelis will share her “10 surefire ways to live life and love the ride.” This special seminar will help inspire women to put themselves first and go for what they really want, fusing joy with purpose.

Clever on Main is at 2823 Main St. Wine and cheese will be served. RSVP by calling (310) 396-8108. Tickets are $10 in advance via credit card. Space is limited.

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