Thank God I have no children. For those who do, their children are being robbed right now. Even the children who are not yet born have the barrel of a socialist gun pointed to their heads to pay for the consumption of those who could easily go without and tighten their belts, but refuse to downgrade their lives and who seek to continue to live beyond their means.

I am not talking about the lowest levels, who will see a measly $13 per week more in their paychecks or those who legitimately are in need of food stamps, but I am talking about those who bought homes beyond their means and now want big government, a counterfeiter, to continue the rouse for them.

With the highest government debt in history at nearly $11 trillion, the nation is going deeper into debt to prop up people, businesses and government agencies that have failed, with no end in sight. The spending will simply continue and continue, trust me.

Instead of doing what Jimmy Carter courageously did in the 1970’s by asking America to cut back, we are again being told to do just the opposite. We are giving tax breaks for consumption.

Go buy a new car, the government is now telling us, as they offer similar tax incentives that the Bush administration did after 9/11.

As people buy new cars, perfectly good cars will become worth less and less, diminishing their true value.

Don’t people know that manufacturing Prius cars leave more of a carbon footprint than continuing to drive a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado? I guess not.

You see, I am a struggling entrepreneur who never got caught up in a bubble, when it would have been easy to do so. I have fallen down on the ground, eaten it, and barely survived several dozens of times. Of course, it was my choice, and would not want to live any other way.

I don’t want a bailout or a stupid stimulus check. My friends and associates who were not there to bail me out always did the right thing. They taught me the tough lesson of survival.

Such hard lessons kept me hungry enough to adapt to change, improve and compete better than others.

This country is on a quick road to destruction. Not by terrorists or by earthquakes or floods, but by Big Brother and false hope. The false hope alone has extended the delusional feeling that yet another credit card will come in the mail. It will not. This time, it is simply a handout to those who may be beat down, yes, but this handout will only serve to make the beat down weaker and more dependent — wimpy little flowers in need of sticks and twisty ties to keep them up.

I don’t know what to say today in terms of how to combat this problem of big wasteful government, except to encourage my friends, acquaintances and enemies to use the power of the pen to challenge our supposed leaders at every turn.

Additionally, we need to address the biggest mounting problem that will end life as we know it. We think things are tough today? If the United States does not end the vast military empire it has created around the world, our debt on the backs of generations to come will be what allows China to own us. They already do on paper. It is one area that the Obama administration has not yet addressed.

Our military still has nearly 900 military installations overseas with nearly 3,000,000 military personal overseas. If we are not an imperialist empire, I don’t know what is. Our supposed American democracy has spawned a global empire. All empires eventually die. At the very least, we should bring those people home to stimulate our economy. The amount of domestic spending brought back home would be immense.

To recap, if we are to survive as a nation, we must end the imperialist empire mentality that the founders of this country were running from, cut back on the nations $11 trillion debt and never again allow it to increase and let businesses and banks fail that deserve to fail.

This in itself will force failed companies to weed out the lame who allowed the failure to happen, and the not so lame can attract legitimate (vs. Government) capital to start anew.

That is the only way we as Americans will have a chance to compete in a very competitive global market of the future. Government-funded business are stymieing legitimate companies, like my own, who are forced to compete with sloppily organized state-funded businesses.

That may very well be the biggest lesson learned from this current fiasco as it plays out.

Greg Chamberlain is a self described anti-Neocon Republican political activist who was the moderator of Congressman Ron Paul’s official MySpace page during his 2008 presidential run. Presently, Greg is advancing ThePresident.Com Web site, which is going into it’s 11th year. He can be reached at GregChamberlain@ThePresident.Com.

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