This past week, Q-line asked:

Everybody knows that the economy is in a bad place, but that doesn’t mean your sweetheart has to go without this Valentine’s Day. What would be your perfect affordable date this Valentine’s Day?

Here are your responses:

“My perfect affordable date would be if your library had a film series at night. I would love for them to play a double feature — ‘Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’ and ‘Let It Be a Magical Mystery Tour.’ Another part of the date would be to borrow CDs and DVDs in the comfort of our home. It’s all free thanks to the Santa Monica library card! Also, if you have a handicap placard I can take my date to overlook the beach in the parking lot, walk around the pier, snuggle up and enjoy the sunset and sunrise. What a beautiful city you have. Let the homeless and hopeless and those in between come to your city for a beautiful thing.”

“My perfect affordable date this Valentine’s Day would be going square dancing and round dancing right here in Santa Monica.”

“I think a great thing would be to give your Valentine $10-15 gift coupon type of thing you made up and go shopping at Goodwill for each other. Nice, fun day — you could go together and I think that that would be amazing.”

“A comedian once stated from a Las Vegas stage that she told her husband on her wedding day that she could only be good in one room in the house and that he could pick that room. My wife made the same statement to me and after 46 years of marriage I am well aware I picked the right room. On Valentine’s Day, I will walk my wife into that room and sing the Bob Hope tune ‘Thanks for the Memories.’ I will then drive her to a local Santa Monica hamburger stand and order the two for the price of one special and pretend to be kids again.”

“A good cheap date would be the art openings which are usually on Saturday nights.”

“First, Valentine’s Day is the biggest fraud perpetrated by the gullible love-sick bumpkins in this country. Mainly by Hallmark Cards, See’s Candy, FTD flowers, and Victoria’s Secret. My perfect date would be to ride our bicycles to one of the many Starbucks and buy a $5 latte. Then, with our re-enforced bravery, ride against traffic to the new $1.5 million Ferris wheel on the pier. Next, we ride to the mall to see the quality entertainment fending off bums and out-of-work artists. We soak up the stunning atmosphere. Re-engergized, we bicycle to Pacific Palisades and have a wonderful meal at the Beach Street Cafe — a fireplace, quiet surroundings, no bums, no phony carpetbaggers, no thought police, a wonderful meal with someone I am lucky to have in spite of the Dark Lords of the Santa Monica City Council.”

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