Josh Brolin stars as two-term President George W. Bush in this engaging biopic written by Stanley Weiser and directed by Oliver Stone. The seasoned filmmakers focus on George’s wild youth and maturation process including the ups and downs of life in his powerful family. The presentation is strongly enhanced by a host of fine performances from Elizabeth Banks as George’s wife, James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn as his parents, and Stacey Keach as Rev. Earle Hudd. Commentary by Stone and a look at the Bush Presidency are included. (Lions Gate)

‘Swing Vote’

In a cast that includes Stanley Tucci, Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer and George Lopez, Kevin Costner stars in this witty comedy as an ordinary father who dotes on his daughter. From their tiny town in New Mexico, the precocious 12 year-old accidentally sets off a chain of events that makes her father’s vote for the U.S. President the crucial one. (Touchstone/Disney)

‘Being There’ Deluxe Edition

Nominated for an Academy Award in this modern comedy classic the late, great Peter Sellers stars as Chance the Gardner, a man so isolated, living his life in a Washington DC townhouse, he only knows what he has seen on television. Cast out into the world, he stumbles into the inner circle of political power brokers. Comedic and poignant, you’ll “like to watch.” Special features: alternate ending, a gag reel, recently discovered scenes as well as recollections by actress Ileana Douglas, granddaughter of Melvyn Douglas, who won a Best Supporting Oscar for his role here as influential industrialist Benjamin Rand. (Warner Bros)

‘Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh’

This gem from 1964, produced for the “Wonderful World of Disney” weekly TV show, is a suspenseful three-part adventure from English literature featuring Patrick McGoohan (”Secret Agent Man,” “The Prisoner”) as Dr. Syn, a priest by day and righter-of-wrongs by night in rural England. Original introductions by Walt Disney and recent ones by Leonard Maltin are included. (Disney)

‘The Odd Couple’ The Final Season

One of the classic sitcoms goes out with a bang with 22 episodes on three discs. The legendary duo of Felix Unger (Tony Randall) and Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) are involved in a wide range of storylines that also include Murray the Cop (Al Molinaro), Oscar’s secretary Myrna (Penny Marshall) and Felix’s ex-wife, Gloria (Janis Hansen). Which begs the question, does either Felix or Oscar get re-married? (CBS/Paramount)

‘Lincoln: His Life and Legacy’

Considered by many to be our finest president, Abraham Lincoln is given the red carpet treatment in this four-disc, eight-hour presentation. Bringing to life the tumultuous times in which the 16th president led our country, this tribute examines his legacy in a modern context. Bonus material include Civil War tactics and a look at Sherman’s march. (A&E)

‘The Last Detective’ The Complete Collection

Peter Davison (”All Creatures Great and Small,” “Dr. Who”) stars as detective constable “Dangerous” Davies working in a London suburb who always gets the cases no one wants. And no one notices when he eventually does succeed. Mocked by his colleagues, the beleaguered, old-fashioned official with a dogged determination often making connections slicker officers miss became one of England’s most beloved detectives. All 17 episodes of this hit British mystery series are included. (Acorn Media)

‘The Story of the Yardbirds’

This riveting documentary covers one of the super groups of rock ‘n’ roll. From 1963 to 1968, The Yardbirds were an innovative and compelling creative force. Featuring such guitar legends as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton, the film includes rare concert footage, archival and recent band interviews with tons of their original tunes examined and presented. Without a doubt, it was a band that would help determine the “shape of things”. (MVD)

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