‘Get Smart’

The Complete Series

Would you believe you can capture all five seasons (138 episodes) on 25 discs plus over eight hours of bonus material of this classic 1960s spy spoof in one magnificent box set? Created by the brilliant Buck Henry and Mel Brooks with a wink and a nod to two hot film franchises of the time (”James Bond” and “The Pink Panther”), as well as parodying such espionage dramas as “I Spy” and “Man from U.N.C.L.E,” Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), aka Agent 86, is a spy for the secret government agency known as CONTROL. Along with his lovely and resourceful partner, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon), Smart fights against the evil forces of KAOS. Smart receives his assignments from The Chief (Edward Platt) and is sometimes assisted by Fang (a dog), Hymie (a robot), and Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum) who always pops up in the oddest places. The smart writing, top production values and masterful digital remastering of every episode make this a must-have for collectors of memorable television series. There are enough extras to fill several attaché cases. Bonus material include profiles of the stars, audio commentaries with Brooks, Henry and Feldon, bloopers, catch phrases, vintage TV shows and commercials, and behind-the-scenes material. Time to get smart. (HBO)

‘Rockford Files’ The Final Season

James Garner wraps up a brilliant run here as ex-con-turned-private-eye Jim Rockford. This early-1970s multi-Emmy winning series was perhaps the best detective show of its time. With major league writers like Roy Huggins (”The Fugitive”), Stephen Cannell (”The A Team”), and David Chase (”Sopranos”), Garner delivers time and again at the center of stories that are rich, intelligent and entertaining. A dozen episodes on three discs close out this classic series. (Universal)

‘Destination: Italy’

One of the world’s richest cultures is explored in detail in this spectacular five-disc, six episode box set. The cradle of European art and science, romance, as well as the one of the style and fashion meccas of the world — it can only be Italy. Unified in 1861, Italy has still maintained a unique identity owing to a very proud and illustrious history and an immensely diverse cultural heritage. The amiable presenters including Justine Shapiro, Megan McCormick and Ian Wright take us from the south in Sicily to the north in Lake Como with all the country’s treasures explored in between. (Globetrekkertv)

‘Raiders: Super Bowl Victories’

While their play in recent years hasn’t been becoming of a very successful NFL franchise, fans inside and out of the Raider Nation’s “Black Hole” can, for the first time, enjoy the team’s three Super Bowl victories in one package. Included are the Raiders’ first triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in the eleventh edition. Super Bowl XV was a win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Black and Silver garnered a third championship in eight seasons capturing the title in Super Bowl XVIII over the Washington Redskins. All three are presented in their original broadcast. (Warner Bros)

‘The People’s Republic of Capitalism’

A sharp and sweeping perspective of how two very different cultures, China and America, are becoming increasingly intertwined. Presented by esteemed newsman Ted Koppel, we see the amazing growth of China through the prism of how it affects both blue collar and migrant workers in America as well as Chinese of all social classes. This is an eye-opening documentary of a Communist country embracing capitalism. (Discovery)

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