The Daily Press would like to apologize to Garfield and Lila. We’re sorry for bumping you out of the paper and we’d like to make it up to you and, more importantly, our readers by bringing you back.

In these trying times, many companies are looking to get leaner and meaner, and to accomplish that, compromises must be made. After considerable debate, the Daily Press decided earlier this month to no longer offer comics as a way to create more room for editorial content and save cash. By eliminating comics, we could gain an entire page, which would allow us to run more photos and local stories, plus award-winning features from the Associated Press.

We quickly realized that this was not a popular move. Scores of our readers picked up their phones and called in, pleading with us to bring their beloved comics back. There were also e-mails and letters to the editor, all wondering where the funny pages went.

Knowing that our readers are our most important asset, we decided it would be best to listen to their feedback and resurrect comics. We still must scale back some, given space constraints, but we hope our readers once again enjoy a few laughs, which are sorely needed during a time when many are struggling to make ends meet.

But we didn’t stop there. Looking to remain Santa Monica’s premier source for news, we embarked late last year on a mission to redesign our Web site and make it more user friendly, allowing readers to better search for previous stories while providing a platform for our columnists and photographers to store their body of work.

While there are still some minor changes that need to be made, the new Web site is up and running, and we hope our readers enjoy it. There will be more content added in the weeks ahead to make this site as robust as possible. We welcome any suggestions our readers may have on improving the site and hope it makes it easier for the community to respond to stories they’ve read and share their ideas with others through this online forum.

The Daily Press appreciates the support we receive from our readers and we are pleased to know that people are paying attention, even if that means being the subject of criticism.

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