This book has the sub-title “A Conservative Broadcaster’s Undercover Journey across The Mexican Border.”

We have a problem with people crossing our border. If we can agree on that we can work on a solution. But we must first look at the facts.

What makes a person cross our border? Is it the opportunity for a better life? And when they are here, why don’t they become American citizens? What compels a person to drag their children on a life-threatening journey with little food or water? Author Darrell Ankarlo had to find out. So with his three man television crew and his son, Adam, a marine, as an interpreter, he followed the path of the illegal immigrant who travel across the border from Mexico to the United States.

“By the time I finished my quest I came to recognize most coyotes to be entrepreneurial teenage thugs who need a whipping from their parents more than anything else,” he writes about people who help the immigrants across. One coyote, even told him, ”My job is to get them from start to finish in as little time as I can. Their health is not my concern.”

Even knowing the risk they are undertaking, the illegal alien takes a chance, The price for the female is often a rape that goes unreported. Ankarlo saw many a rape tree where the undergarments of the rape victim were hung. “Deliberately tied to branches in the Velvet Mesquite Tree were worn, soiled, and torn bra and panties.”

The book contains an interview with Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, concerning this subject. Also statistics are quoted that should give a person pause. A 2005 report in the Wall Street Journal is cited. It states we may be losing as much as $35 billion a year in income tax collections because of the number of jobs off the books. Another figure given is that approximately five million illegal workers are collecting wages on a cash basis and therefore are avoiding both income and FICA taxes.

No doubt you have heard that the reason the illegal has the job is: “Americans don’t want to do the work.” Ankarlo doesn’t buy that excuse. Rather he states, “Their statement should be jobs Americans won’t do for limited wages because, depending on a person’s location or motivation, the right money will get the right reaction.”

He also talks about the criminal element that is also entering at the border crossing Another subject he writes about is the cost on America to care for these border crossers.

“By allowing more than a million and a half foreigners to come to the U.S. legally and illegally annually, our politicians and bureaucrats have been setting the stage for a variety of converging events that may easily wipe out our most esteemed way of life. Language, lower wages, laws, and rules based on another’s system, crime and city and traffic congestion, are just a few of the areas negatively impacted.”

He offers some solutions. He gives what he calls “the Ankarlo Immigration Top 30.” It is a good list and should be considered. He ends the list with two extra suggestions: “Lease the entire nation of Mexico (because this country is the driving force behind illegal immigration) for 150 years. We will have access to any and all resources she has, and in return, we will help build programs, roads, schools, and develop infrastructures.

“Bonus solution: Annex Mexico.”

A person doesn’t have to agree with his political position to read this book and learn. The facts are the same no matter what side you are on.

Fact. That is what we need. Facts can be found in non-fiction books. From time to time we need to immerse our minds in non-fiction books. There are good ones out there waiting for you to pick them up and read. You can contact me at

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