Haunting melodies, delicate harmonics, and an ethereal voice describe Irish singer/songwriter Gemma Hayes’ latest CD, “The Hollow of Morning.”

Hayes has grown immensely as an artist and “Hollow” reflects this maturity. The track “In Over My Head” (which begins with the tolling of a bell and birdsong) is a short but sweet tale of how easy it is to lose oneself when in love. “At Constant Speed,” in which she gently sings, “I’m beginning to forget you … I hope that’s alright?” depicts the arduous emotional journey one must face when separating from a former lover. You’ll find yourself getting lost in the music, which is as it should be.

Hayes will open for My Bloody Valentine at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Oct. 1 and 2, promoting her CD’s release. The shows are sold out, but some general admission tickets are still available.

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