VIDEO: Viewpoints, Episode 4. Traffic in Santa Monica

Ask most residents what their number one complaint is about Santa Monica and most likely they’re reply — traffic. City officials have long talked about the housing-jobs imbalance that plagues the city by the sea. Too many workers and not enough housing to accommodate them, meaning they are hopping in their cars and clogging our streets to get to and from their jobs.
The inability to get from one side of town to the other in a reasonable amount of time during rush hour is behind much of the opposition to new development in Santa Monica. Residents don’t want tall buildings blocking views, but more importantly they don’t want large commercial projects that generate more traffic.
City officials promise to force developers to make sure their employees car pool or ride bikes or take the incoming Exposition Light Rail line, but there are plenty who are skeptical.
In this episode of Viewpoints, we ask our panelists for their thoughts on traffic and how it can be better managed. Do we need more buses? What about one-way streets? Check out what they have to say and then let us know your thoughts by e-mailing We want your feedback.

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Viewpoints is a show that expresses the opinions of our guests. Opinions expressed are those of the talent and do not necessarily reflect those of the Santa Monica Daily Press, or the Daily Press Editorial staff. Guest commentary, feedback and ideas for future shows are encouraged, as are letters to the editor.
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