VIDEO: Kevin Mottus, Candidate for US Representative 33rd District

Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Ross Furukawa conducts a one on one conversation with Kevin Mottus in anticipation of the upcoming election for California US Representative, 33rd District.

Kevin Mottus¬†calls himself a health and environmental advocate, and is determined to expose the dangers of wireless devices that emit radiation, a technology he deems “innately carcinogenic.” He says he is also firmly against food GMOs. But his number one priority as a candidate is “to address our horrible traffic problem here in LA. We need more double-level freeways, light rail, monorail, busses ‚Äì more everything except excuses from our public officials.” He supports “real campaign finance reform ‚Äì there is no reason we need money in politics.” He also wants to pass a law to make it illegal for industries to control the agencies that regulate them.

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