VIDEO: Betsy Butler, Candidate for California State Senator, 26th District

Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Ross Furukawa conducts a one on one conversation with Betsy Butler in anticipation of the upcoming election for California State Senator, 26th District.

Betsy Butler¬†believes California taxpayers deserve two things: to feel safe, and to have a good education. “We need to fund our schools fully, whether the economy‚Äôs boom or bust, by making sure we have dedicated sources.” She says she‚Äôs very interested in a carbon market tax ‚Äì “you pay for what you use, so it‚Äôs a very fair, less regressive. I also think we should take a look at Prop. 13, on the corporate, not the personal side.” Also, “49 states have an oil extraction fee, we do not ‚Äì we need to have one.” As for runaway production, she pointed out that New York state offers $430M in credits, California only $100M. “We need to be more competitive.”

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