VIDEO: Barbi Appelquist, Candidate for California State Senator, 26th District

Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Ross Furukawa conducts a one on one conversation with Barbi Appelquist in anticipation of the upcoming election for California State Senator, 26th District.

Barbi Appelquist cites the personal background she would bring to Sacramento as a mom and two time cancer survivor, professional experience as an attorney and valedictorian at Pepperdine for public policy, as well as a community advocate for micro-business and ‚Äìfinance and for responsible development. She feels runaway production is a “very big issue for our entire state,” and has a four-part solution involving 5 per cent bumps in credits for productions filming outside LA (“this has to be something the whole state can benefit from”) and for those employing veterans, including post-production in the formula, and increasing substantially the pool of credits available.

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