Tommy’s burgers is the latest in a long line of local eateries that may not be long for Santa Monica. Word has it that a Starbucks coffee is going to take its place on Lincoln Boulevard.


So, this week’s Q-Line question asks:


How do you feel about Tommy’s possible demise and why?


Here are your responses:


“There is only one Tommy‚Äôs in Santa Monica, whereas there are numerous Starbucks; do we really need another one? Tommy‚Äôs, at the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and Rampart Boulevard, has been a Los Angeles landmark since the 1940s. In fact, it was my high school hangout and the go-to place after football games and dances (even the prom!). After losing the Sizzler, The Shack, Honey Baked Ham, Wolfgang Puck, Coco‚Äôs, and Norm‚Äôs, it would be sad to be deprived of yet another casual and affordable place to get a bite to eat.”


“With land values skyrocketing landlords are looking to cash in. Since favorite shops and eateries I have frequented have left Santa Monica, I have found my car and my loyalty have not left me and have done more business outside of the city. You don‚Äôt want my money anyway. I am not Silicon Beach nor a tourist. Residents don‚Äôt count in this town anymore. Businesses that can afford the high rents will be the ever-changing face of Santa Monica. Do I want Tommy‚Äôs to stay? You bet I do.”


“It is ridiculous to think another place is going to be thrown out of business because of money-hungry landlords. I don‚Äôt eat junk food that much, so I don‚Äôt go to Tommy‚Äôs that often. But it‚Äôs the principle. It‚Äôs all these restaurants, maybe Norm‚Äôs and then Denny‚Äôs, it‚Äôs wherever you go these small businesses are being thrown out because of these money-hungry landlords. It‚Äôs a shame of society that somebody has a business and has to get out because of money. It‚Äôs the demise of this country, it‚Äôs the demise of Santa Monica because every place you go they want to build and build and get rid of the little guy. It‚Äôs time for this community to make this stop. It‚Äôs time for Santa Monicans for Renters‚Äô Rights, who are supposed to be for the little guy, to get in there and complain about this too and not let the City Council allow this to happen.”


“I think it‚Äôs bloody awful that Starbucks is moving in. Tommy‚Äôs is a local institution and I believe in preserving local traditions and Tommy‚Äôs has been there for a far longer time. We don‚Äôt need another Starbucks. They are proliferating all over the state and there are too many of them, in my humble opinion.”


“I am not that concerned about Tommy‚Äôs per say, but rather a Tommy‚Äôs than Starbucks. I am so tired of the Starbucks takeover. Way too many. Starbucks is good, but let‚Äôs not overdue it, OK.”


“The last thing we need is Starbucks number 19. Tommy‚Äôs, however, is the only one of its kind on the Westside. We don‚Äôt really need a place for a caffeine fix right next to a high school. Let‚Äôs save the unique and sought-after businesses and not let the fate of Tommy‚Äôs be the same as Arby‚Äôs.”


“I think they should keep Tommy‚Äôs Burgers. There‚Äôs no reason to change it. Why do they keep taking old, landmark-type businesses, close them down and put in Starbucks. We need another Starbucks like we need a hole in the head.”


“Another Starbucks is the last thing we need, there are too many as it is. It will be like ‚ÄòThe Simpsons.‚Äô At a mall, Bart passes a Starbucks, a soon to be Starbucks. He goes in a store, the guy tells him to hurry as the place is going to be a Starbucks. As we see him leave, it is a Starbucks, along with every other store in the mall. Leave the burger place; no more Starbucks.”


“I‚Äôm sorry about Tommy‚Äôs Burgers being taken out. I remember going there when my kids were little and it was a wonderful family outing. I‚Äôm just sick to death with all these Starbucks. You can‚Äôt walk a block without finding another Starbucks. They charge way too much for their coffee. I like to get a good cup of coffee at Denny‚Äôs and I can use my senior discount.”


“Getting rid of Tommy‚Äôs is just another bad decision ‚Ķ . I work right in that area; this is a transient village because there are some social networks there. The transients and I happily go to Tommy‚Äôs. I don‚Äôt think any of us will go to Starbucks. So I think it‚Äôs a bad idea.”


“My husband and I depended on Tommy‚Äôs when we first came to L.A. years ago and had to exist on a tight budget. They weren‚Äôt the best burgers, more like a sloppy Joe, but they got us through. I am absolutely sure there are folks who depend on Tommy‚Äôs when they are going through tough times. With a little paint job and some community support/fundraising, we should save Tommy‚Äôs from going under.”


“What’s the difference? If it’s not a Starbucks, the city will have a Community Corporation apartment building on the corner full of out-of-towners. City Hall has no loyalty to its locals ‚Äî commercial or residential.”

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