Retired space shuttle Endeavour will make a pass by the Santa Monica Pier on Friday. (Photo courtesy NASA )

LOS ANGELES — Retired space shuttle Endeavour will fly over several California landmarks Friday and that means huge crowds.

Authorities are urging people not to stop in the middle of traffic to view or snap a picture of Endeavour strapped on top of a modified jumbo jet. Instead, law enforcement officials say people should stake out viewing spots in advance.

Endeavour departed Florida early Wednesday and was expected to land at LAX Friday after a stopover in Houston. Plans call for it to make low dips over the state Capitol, San Francisco and several L.A.-area landmarks including the Griffith Park Observatory, City Hall, Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier and Disneyland.

The pier flyover is expected to take place at 10 a.m. on Friday, pier officials said.

The shuttle will be housed at an airport hangar before being towed next month to the California Science Center, where it will go on display.

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