Regarding Airport Commissioner Peter Donald’s column – It is not simply that Mr. Donald and the other members of the Airport commission know nothing about aviation. It is their stubborn refusal to learn anything about the task they are entrusted with. They treat their ignorance as a virtue and refuse to even open a book to learn anything at all about aviation.

As a direct result of their ignorance and the actions they take because of it, things are much more burdensome for the surrounding residents than is necessary. Because of their actions, the airport fleet mix is changing to an all jet fleet. By following the actions of Teterboro Airport, residents can expect to end up like it – over 400 jet operations per day.

We could easily have quieter approaches and departures, but haunted by the fear that pilots might also benefit, the Airport Commission has avoided any such steps. Or, perhaps, they simply don’t have any idea what to do.

We could certainly have a different fleet mix tending more toward small propeller planes but the Commission recoils in horror at the idea of doing anything which is not punitive.

It is the Airport Commission’s job to improve things for everyone as much as possible. Safety, noise and utility could all be significantly improved. However, the combination of total ignorance of the subject and irrational blind hatred is not a formula for the achievement of any worthwhile goals.

I would indeed be interesting to have the City adopt the policy for its other Commissions that the members must be composed solely of those who have no knowledge of the subject and refuse to acquire any, but burn with hatred for anyone who knows anything about it.

Howard Israel

Santa Monica







In response to Mr. Andrew‚Äôs recent column “Nashville We Ain‚Äôt, But We Still Can Be Music City”, ¬†I would like to clarify the regulations for ¬†community events in parks.¬† An event permit is required for events in parks that exceed 150 attendees. Specific requirements by location for events that trigger an event permit can be found on the Community and Cultural Services website ¬†http://www.smgov.net/Departments/CCS/content.aspx?id=46264. Click on the link under Permits and¬†

Rentals. Community events in parks that are smaller than 150 attendees can occur without triggering the need for permits. There is nothing to preclude the neighborhood groups from participating in Make Music LA on June 21st by hosting music in their neighborhood parks.  City staff in fact encourages the neighborhood groups to pursue this option in celebration of Make Music LA.  Here is a link to the Make Music LA website http://makemusicla.org/.  The Make Music LA website provides considerable information regarding the event and the grass roots nature of participation. 


Karen Ginsberg

Director Community & Cultural Services

City of Santa Monica

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