Put SB1272, The Overturn Citizens United Act, On The November Ballot


Unlimited amounts of money from unknown sources impales our Democracy, and Corporations are not people, they aren’t drafted, they don’t bleed, they have no loved ones and they don’t die horrible deaths.

Gerald Sobel

Santa Monica


Keeping his word


As State Senator, Ted Lieu spoke to Emeritus College students on May 10, 2013. We urged him to oppose SB173 that would end state funding for older adult classes, like Emeritus, throughout California. He gave us a commitment that he would oppose the bill. But when it reached the Senate floor for a vote, he voted in favor.

He did not live up to his promise to Emeritus students. He later apologized and said his staff had not alerted him. One who says one thing and does another, and then blames his staff has not earned my vote. He is now running for Congress in the primary on June 3. Do we really want to have a congressman who breaks his word?

Linda Gill McFarland

Santa Monica


Endorsing Greuel


I am proud to support Wendy Greuel for Congress in the 33rd District which includes my home in Santa Monica. When it comes to affordable housing and support for renters, issues I care about passionately, Wendy has the strongest record. I first met Wendy when she was an aide to former Mayor Tom Bradley. She secured housing for homeless veterans and together, we created the Business-Government Council to End Homelessness.

These experiences led her to Washington to serve in President Clinton’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. At HUD, she coordinated the response to the 1994 earthquake and brought senior leadership to Santa Monica to make sure our city was not forgotten during the recovery efforts. Thank you, Wendy.

Her commitment to environmental and transportation issues is steadfast. Alone among LA City Councilmembers, Wendy was on the frontline in the campaign for Measure R in 2008 when county voters gave the measure a 67.8% Yes vote and secured for ourselves and our children a future with robust transit alternatives. Thank you, Wendy.

As a City Councilwoman, Wendy preserved nearly 1,200 acres of open space, called for aggressive energy and water conservation goals. As City Controller, she shined a bright line on government finances and worked to close the LAPD’s backlog of untested rape kits.

Join me in sending Wendy to Congress to be a voice for women; to raise the minimum wage and strengthen the middle class; to protect the environment; and to advocate for affordable housing and support renters. Remember to vote on June 3rd!

Denny Zane

Santa Monica

Voting for Shriver


Choosing between the two main contenders for County Supervisor in our district, Bobby Shriver and Sheila Kuehl-both Santa Monica residents, I keep coming back to the very different ways they conducted themselves in a 2008 Santa Monica election. Residents gathered more than 10,000 signatures and put Prop. T, which would have limited some commercial development, on the ballot.

Naturally developers and residents who had something to gain from development opposed the measure. They mounted an $800,000 aggressive, deceptive campaign and defeated it. One mailer suggested that our elderly mothers would die waiting for the paramedics, if Prop. T passed.

Another mailer used the “Scare the Renters” tactic that has been so successful in Santa Monica for 30 years. Even though Prop. T did not apply to residential development, people were warned that they would lose their rent-controlled homes if Prop. T passed. The spokesperson on this mailer was Sheila Kuehl.

Bobby Shriver, who was running for a second term on the council, supported Prop. T, even though he knew his support would lose him some votes and definitely lose thousands of dollars in contributions to his campaign.

Shriver sided with us-residents who were, and still are-drowning in traffic. Kuehl sided with her political friends and special interests. Remembering that makes my Supervisor vote an easy choice.

Louise Menendez


Don’t vote for a mistake


State Senator Ted Lieu voted for a bill that would eliminate state funding for older adult education. When I queried this at a recent neighborhood meeting Sen. Lieu snapped, “That was a mistake,” and stated he had written an op-ed piece. I read that piece in the SMDP a day or two after his vote. As I recall it was about why education is important for older adults because, among other reasons, it keeps the mind active and healthy. Later I was told that previous to his vote he had promised students at Santa Monica College’s Emeritus College that he supports older adult education. It appears that Sen. Lieu’s vote did not match his rhetoric. I didn’t ask him how many of his other votes were “a mistake.”

Nancy M. Morse

Santa Monica

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