A big thank you


I attended the Free Older Adult Tech Fair today at the Main Library.  To put it mildly, the day was a huge success.  There were so many volunteers, and every one of them had a big smile and welcoming comment for all.  I learned more in 20 minutes with a one-on-one teacher than I did spending hours on the phone with tech support and visiting my phone vendor.  Every single volunteer there was eager to help and inform.  I congratulate the library on assembling such a large number of knowledgeable people who were nice, patient, and helpful.  There were a number of different workshops, and every one of them presented useful information that was easy to understand and follow.  I learned a great deal and got answers to all my questions.  The Santa Monica Public Library is an enormous asset to the City of Santa Monica.  I’ve attended many workshops. I never cease to be amazed and grateful for the variety of programs that are offered and the quality of those workshops.  On my computer stand, I have a shark cell phone holder that was made in a 3D printing class.  I love it.  Thank you Santa Monica Public Library for all you offer and the nice people who are there to help.

Jeanne Laurie

Sunset Park


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