Weekend March

Monday I picked up a copy of the SMDP in search of some local news. Alas: Not a single story on Saturday’s “March For Our Lives” rally in Palisades Park. Not even a picture of the biggest assemblage of people — thousands– most locals could ever remember.
Instead, you run on the front page, with picture, a story about a local rugby club, one that features a nickname so lightweight (“The Dolphins”), one imagines players swimming down the pitch and a disgruntled mascot squeaking them on from the sidelines. The Dolphins, you report, want to “increase community awareness of their sport.”
Thank goodness a new owner is coming to the paper. Perhaps she or he will send reporters with community awareness enough to cover true news events, like the likes of which the Montana Avenue scene has never seen.

Henry Rosenfeld
Santa Monica


Editor’s Note: Due to staffing constraints, the Monday edition of the Daily Press is published Friday night. Tuesday is the first opportunity to cover most weekend events.


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