Letters to the editor have expressed frustration and anger with the present City Council’s blithe advancement of development that is permanently scarring our once charming small town.

Many wring their hands, “what can we do?”

Well, I’d like to suggest we start an immediate recall movement. All it takes is enough signatures on a petition and we can schedule a special election and carefully examine credentials of potential candidates to replace the current inexplicably stupid incumbents who have already approved high-rise buildings that have ruined the air quality of our city and introduced the ticky-tacky apartment buildings that are not only ugly, but will obviously eventually deteriorate into blight.

I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment with the ugly abstract metal discs, the dominant feature of the new public park, that rise above Ocean Avenue and are in our constant eyesight. I love the Disney Center — but that’s downtown Los Angeles, not a small town. Frank Gehry forgets that Santa Monica is not a major big city such as Sydney, Australia with its population of 4.6 million people. His design, while probably appropriate for a city of 4 million is hardly what would be right for Santa Monica, a city of less than 90,000 people and, if completed, will be another sunlight-blocking blight.

This will not undo the harm already done, but we can elect new officials to protect the future of Santa Monica.

Please, please, write to the SMDP and ask to join the petition drive.


Anna Sklar

Santa Monica

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