So, Santa Monica voters don‚Äôt want development, says a Huntley Hotel-funded poll (“Voters don‚Äôt want development says Huntley-funded poll,” Oct. 12-13)? Do you mean that 18-story, non-union hotel that‚Äôs been hypocritically bashing the adjacent Miramar Hotel‚Äôs excellent revitalization plan? Wow, that‚Äôs got to be an objective poll!

Here‚Äôs a question the Huntley-funded poll left out: “Would you be willing to support quality designed taller buildings in select areas if they created more open space, more parking, more community benefits and more union jobs?”

The next time the Huntley is planning to fund another poll in Santa Monica, I do hope they will give me a call first. I have a few more poll questions I‚Äôd like them to include, such as, “Would you support the Huntley Hotel dropping their resistance and finally becoming a union hotel?”


Jerry Rubin

Santa Monica

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