letter artEditor:

This latest piece of Bill Bauer‚Äôs, to me, is only marginally disguised as opinion (“Like it or not, change is coming,” My Write, Aug. 5). It‚Äôs starting to become more clear to me that he is doing PR for the developers and wish you would consider discontinuing his column.

It‚Äôs not just that I disagree with his view. It‚Äôs that it‚Äôs lazy. He is walking through it without doing any real work. Zina Josephs does the work (“Traffic counts show a gridlocked Santa Monica,” Our Town, Aug. 6). Time for Bill to take a job with the Wyndham or some other developer doing PR for them. He is the opposite of what this town is about.


Danielle Charney

Santa Monica

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