letter artEditor:

Dear Dave Glode (“What about the parents?” Letters to the Editor, June 23),

It must be nice to own income property and have the time to be able to sit and observe the Pico Youth & Family Center. You claim that the center is a money pit. How many times have you sat in on a meeting? Where do you get your information?

You say nice cars, but those do not belong to the paid employees. Most belong to caring professionals who chose to get in and help the community. What do you drive? Are you a doctor? If not, how do you get off making a diagnosis?

Jail the parents? Great suggested use of our tax dollars. Now you pay for the jailed parents and you pay for the children’s rearing.

Trespassing? Ever heard of fences, gates, locks or security guards?

We do have some fine organizations. Do your homework and you might be surprised.

Education is the answer, but we need to correct our past mistakes in education, like your profiling.

Want to lower your taxes? How about having the police pay a percentage of their overpaid salaries toward their health, dental, 401K, etc., so the public is not burdened with that?

What do they really do? Well, they did have a slow response time on the day my boys were killed and they arrived long after the shooters were gone. How do I know this? I have two dead sons, one dead nephew and one dead daughter. The first two were killed on Oct. 27, 1998, at 11:45 a.m. on the third birthday of one son’s daughter. It‚Äôs been 14 years and it is still an open case; one shooter is still at large. Your tax money that day? The police gang unit was on duty ‚Ķ¬† and it took six minutes to respond. This is how your tax dollars are wasted, Dave.

Income property must be good, but you can always sell and go away. I was born in Santa Monica, schooled in Santa Monica and still am here. PYFC is the one good thing that has come out of these deaths.

Thank you for your misinformed opinion.


Bill Juarez

Santa Monica

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