Thank you, Congressman Waxman, for not giving up the fight to keep our historic Santa Monica post office open (“Waxman makes bid to save post office,” Sept. 20). Now it‚Äôs time for the rest of us to get busy. I will be sending letters to Sens. Feinstein and Boxer, urging them to make a similar appeal and hope Santa Monica residents will do the same. Our appeals to the Postal Service went nowhere. Now we have to encourage our lawmakers and our City Council to take up this fight. It‚Äôs still possible to win, but only if enough people get involved.

Smart businesses don‚Äôt close popular and profitable locations in the heart of a city. Even a freshman business student knows the value of “location, location, location.” Congressman Waxman is correct on many fronts. This is a “closure,” not a “relocation” and the public was not given enough notice, nor enough time to appeal. The Postal Service will never realize the $3 million “savings” it envisions, because no one, including myself, will ever use the new facility.

No wonder the Postal Service is billions in the red.

Let’s show them how powerful our pens can be. I’m not giving up yet. Santa Monica shouldn’t, either.


John C. Smith

Santa Monica

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