I am writing in regards to your paper reporting that residents are calling for the city to fire¬†Jeffrey Tumlin,¬†a¬†planning consultant, in response to his website showing open contempt for Santa Monica residents (“Community groups demand consultant‚Äôs job over comment,” Feb. 28, page 1).

Does Santa Monica really need someone whose ideas defy logic; who has no proof that any of his ideas will work; and has open contempt for the residents of our city? Does Santa Monica really need to settle for the bottom of the barrel?

How about the city finding someone who has a proven track record of success? How about getting that planning consultant who did a great job for the city of Anaheim?

Downtown Disney and California Adventure could easily have created the worst of traffic nightmares. Instead a plan was created where all cars go directly from the freeway into a giant parking lot, and then there is a free and extremely convenient shuttle system that takes people from the parking lot to where they want to go. How about the city finding someone who can thinks like this?



Jeff Segal

Santa Monica

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