I do not know Arthur Jeon, but I recognize in him a kindred spirit (“Pump the brakes on development,” Letters to the Editor, April 4). To those of us ‚Äî increasing in number daily ‚Äî who are deeply concerned with the rampant, profit-driven plague of overdevelopment in our beloved city, it is warming to have a new, articulate and thoughtful voice added to the conversation. Mr. Jeon would be warmed by the number of friends and colleagues I heard commending and quoting his letter over the weekend.

As one who often feels when she speaks at float-ups and other public meetings that decision makers are thinking, “There she goes again,” I welcome a new ally. Mr. Jeon has spoken eloquently for many of us and I hope the City Council will listen. Let us indeed “pump the brakes on development;” let us indeed declare a moratorium and move forward, “saving what makes Santa Monica special.”


Eleanor Blumenberg

Santa Monica

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