I‚Äôm extremely glad to see the point of view adopted in Urban Sense‚Äôs latest column (“Santa Monica‚Äôs sustainable, smart, healthy development,” Room for a View, July 10). The authors use Vancouver as an example demonstrating the advantages of increased density. This is really a wonderful point they‚Äôre making. Vancouver‚Äôs population density is 13,590 per square mile. According to the city of Santa Monica‚Äôs Office of Sustainability and the Environment, our city‚Äôs daytime population is a quarter-million people. This makes the city‚Äôs daytime density over 30,000 people per mile, or more than twice Vancouver‚Äôs density.

I gather that the column’s authors would like Santa Monica’s density to match Vancouver’s. The column didn’t explain how the authors, all with years of experience in matters of urban planning, intended to cut Santa Monica’s density in half, but no matter — If that’s the case, count me in!


Dan Jansenson

Santa Monica

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