For months I have been fascinated to read about Santa Monicans negatively reacting to development. I recall my first letter to you was amusement over community complaints that the Santa Monica Place restaurants were still open after 10 p.m.

Each month I see you publish several letters where citizens bemoan the latest apartment building or the Expo Line. My personal favorite was the coup ‚Äî “Game of Thrones” style ‚Äî performed by a neighborhood association after its board came out in favor of the Miramar redevelopment. This is not rational human behavior.

Now I read that Mr. Jeffrey Tumlin, a transportation consultant, remarked that Santa Monicans were NIMBYs in an online resume (“Consultant refuses to remove ‚ÄòNIMBY‚Äô comment,” March 5). A colleague of mine once defined NIMBYs as follows: “Oversensitive suburban professionals who think growth should stop the minute after it provides them the opportunity to relocate outside the city.”

My fellow citizens have now reacted to this slight how? By calling for his resignation and a rejection of every plan in which he has had a hand. Impolitic, broad-brushed, and unsavvy in the dangers of social media, he may be. But riddle me this: when exactly has Mr. Tumlin been wrong?


Brian Loux

Santa Monica

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