An April 12 article in The Architect‚Äôs Newspaper leads off with “Development Tsunami: Gehry headlines Santa Monica‚Äôs swelling building frenzy.”

I have never met Mr. James, so I am not going to use an un-ladylike description. However, reading his explanation when asked by the City Council about the estimated new car trips in the Bergamot Area vis-√†-vis the 2010 LUCE “no net new trips” policy, Mr. James replied, “The ‚Äòno net new trips‚Äô is an end state goal set for the year 2030, so it‚Äôs not a tomorrow condition. It‚Äôs a long-term thing that will result from the implementation of the hundred solutions that we look at as a way to reduce car trips citywide.” Sadly [that] proves that the valid concerns and hard work of citizens and neighborhood organizations are being swept away by planners and developers caught up in this building frenzy, more aptly named “feeding frenzy.” They all want a piece of our city. And then, to top it off, our elected officials will see only dollar signs and go for it.


Regula K. Ziegler

Santa Monica

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