On January 16, at about 3:53 a.m.

Officers responded to a radio call for service at 139 Ocean Park Blvd regarding prowler there now. As officers arrived on scene, they saw a subject loitering about the property. Following a brief struggle, the suspect was detained for an investigation. Officers spoke with the reporting party and learned the suspect approached the front door to the reporting party/victim’s residence. The victim was awoken and began to monitor the suspect using his surveillance system. The suspect attempted to open the door multiple times, pulled out keys to try and open the door. The suspect also reached into the victim’s mailbox and pulled out a piece of a mail which he discarded. The suspect grabbed a bicycle and a straw hat from a neighbor in the complex. The victim was desirous of prosecution. Ricardo Arturo Fierro, 23, from Colorado Springs, CO was arrested for attempted burglary and resisting arrest.

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