Council to consider 500-bicycle bikeshare

CITYWIDE — Santa Monica could be the first city in the region to approve a significant bikesharing program. On Tuesday, City Council will consider authorizing a $10.4 million contract with CycleHop to add a 500-bike system in the city by the sea. Bikeshares allow riders to check-out bikes from one station and drop them off at any other... Read more →



Our take: Election 2014

If you're picking up the newspaper today, hoping to find our voting recommendations: Sorry. With a few exceptions, we're going to leave it up to you. Endorsements are tricky. In a small city, we stand to lose much and gain little from throwing our weight behind certain candidates. Endorsements are especially tricky this year when a... Read more →



Voters without a home

CITYWIDE — Every City Council candidate has an opinion on solving homelessness problems in the city by the sea. Questions about the homeless come up in forums, at meetings, and in campaign mailers. But for all their political weight, Santa Monica’s most vulnerable population will likely place few votes at the polls on Tuesday. There... Read more →



Attack ads hit mailboxes and answering machines

CITYWIDE - Mud-slinging is on the rise in the campaign's last week as a local political group attacks the mayor through mailers and a hotel owner trades spars with a City Council candidate. The race between Former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver and former State Assemblymember Sheila Kuehl for a Los Angeles County Supervisor seat has been... Read more →

Laughing Matters


If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Complain

LAUGHING MATTERS — One of my favorite movies is the 1982 comedy “Tootsie,” which starred Dustin Hoffman as Michael Dorsey, a perfectionist actor who drove everyone crazy, including his agent George Fields, played by Sydney Pollack. (Who also directed the movie.) Typical of Dorsey's annoying personality was his audition for a commercial... Read more →


Campaign notes: Last minute loans and outside spending

CITYWIDE - Two City Council candidates have dropped big personal loans into their campaigns in this season's last days. Planning Commissioner Sue Himmelrich added $40,000 from her own pocket on Oct. 22, bringing the total she's spent on her own campaign to $130,000. Former Mayor Michael Feinstein added $30,000 of his own money to his war... Read more →



The Santa Monica Daily Press is holding an election contest. List all 14 candidates for City Council in order of vote totals from highest to lowest. Submit your guess for the total number of Santa Monica voters who cast a ballot on Nov. 4. The person who picks the correct order for the council race will win a prize from the Santa Monica Daily... Read more →